The Finalists of Our Next Top Mom Blogs Contest! Are You on Here?

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We’ve been keeping our search for the next wave of top mom blogs highly under wraps since our initial announcement.

Check it out again if you missed it, but here’s the gist.

We’re looking to highlight bloggers with:

  • voice
  • something valuable to say
  • that certain something that makes you spend hours lost in their archives
  • sites that are new or still under the radar of the big awards

The Nominees

We asked our readers and we asked some of the mom bloggers that we admire. (lots of links)
And we got great feedback!

Naturally, not everyone can will, but we’ve narrowed the field down to ten finalists.

Tomorrow, we’ll reveal the winners!

So if you had something to add…”speak now or forever hold your peace”…I mean, we would love to hear it!

Drumroll please…..

The Finalists

In no particular order. Of course!

  1. But I Do Have a Law Degree
  2. The Naptown Organizer
  3. Let Why Lead
  4. Lil Kids Things
  5. Seven Seas of Rhye
  6. Expatria Baby
  7. Five Kids is a Lot of Kids
  8. By Any Other Name
  9. Life in Pint-Sized Form (Not exactly a mom, but a provider of excellent parenting insights.)
  10. Jason Good (Yes, he’s also not a mom. But he blogs about parenting. And he’s amazing.)

What do you think? Is there someone on here that you just love? A blogger that you know could really use and benefit from this boost?

2 replies on “The Finalists of Our Next Top Mom Blogs Contest! Are You on Here?”

Shannon – Thanks for putting out such fabulous content! You were actually recommended by another blogger we love and as soon as I started reading your blog, I knew we had to include you.

Thanks, Erica! We have heard from a lot of the bloggers that we consulted for nominations (that’s how we were lucky enough to come across you actually!) that one of the best things about this list will be a way to find great new blogs to follow. We’re glad you feel the same way; you’ve got great company here.

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