And the Winners of the Next Top Mom Bloggers Contest Are….

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Photo by Flickr user ex.libris

Are you ready?

Hopefully you’re see the finalists list, checked out who’s in the running, and supported your favorites.

As many readers and bloggers have told us, one of the best things about a contest like this is the opportunity to discover great new blogs to follow!

So, make sure to visit all of our favorites, even the ones that didn’t make it here to.

Now, enough stalling.

You want to know who won, right?

The Next Top Mom Bloggers

We have to actually preface this with a little announcement.

Even though we initially thought that what we were looking for:

  • crazy compelling content
  • awesome contributions to the community
  • useful ideas
  • a friendly, down-to-earth voice
  • blogs that have that something special that makes you want to bookmark the site the second you stumble across it

would be found among the super-active mom blogger set, two of our finalists (Jason Good and Life in Pint-Sized Form) were not moms at all, but rather a dad and a babysitter.

We choose them because they embody everything that we value in a parenting blog.

And so, we need to change our winners’ title a bit to be . . .

The Next Top Parenting Blogs

activityhero's favorite blogs

Okay, now I’m really going to tell you who they are.

Without further ado, please congratulate our winners!

(Again, in no particular order.)

Seven Seas of Rhye by Rhye


Why we love her:

  • what a voice!
  • she transforms simple topics into shimmering vignettes
  • has the best dialogues I’ve ever seen on a blog

Some great recent posts to check out:

Jason Good by Jason Good @JasonMGood


Why we love him:

  • he tells it like it is
  • in a hilarious way
  • and almost every post is bookmarkable

Some great recent posts to check out:

But I Do Have a Law Degree by Shannon @DoHaveLawDegree


Why we love her:

  • talks about tough issues
  • but always in a balanced way
  • and stands up for SAHMs

Some great recent posts to check out:

Let Why Lead by Erica


Why we love her:

  • she’s simply inspirational
  • with her absolutely stunning photography
  • and thoughts on how to live meaningfully

Some great recent posts to check out:

Five Kids is a Lot of Kids by Beth @Beth_Woolsey


Why we love her:

  • insightful with a touch a sass
  • connects miscellany to incredible messages
  • she makes it look easy

Some great recent posts to check out: