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Best On-Demand Thanksgiving Activities

On-demand Thanksgiving activities keep kids busy and having fun from home. Kids can enjoy Thanksgiving games and projects on their own time during the holidays!

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite online Thanksgiving on-demand activities. On ActivityHero, you can also find in-person Thanksgiving camps or online Thanksgiving classes and camps for upcoming school breaks.

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Online Thanksgiving turkey crafts and art

Thanksgiving Art Classes & Crafts

A collection of Thanksgiving-themed kids and adult coloring sheets. Tag ActivityHero on social media or message us your completed drawing to be featured!

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LEGO® and Minecraft Classes for Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving Bingo Game – Free Printable

​​Want to keep your kids busy on Thanksgiving while they’re waiting for dinner? How about Thanksgiving Bingo to keep everyone entertained? (you might get some adults, too). This fun Thanksgiving-themed Bingo by Catch My Party can be played with the whole family!

Once you register, you will receive an email with a link to the game page.

LEGO® and Minecraft Classes for Thanksgiving Break

Paint “A Decorative Pumpkin”

Paint a pumpkin at home with a step-by-step, easy to follow instruction taught by a professional artist. This activity includes video and printables, and is up to 135 minutes art practice and fun!

LEGO® and Minecraft Classes for Thanksgiving Break

Maple Glazed Pumpkin Muffins

Celebrate the season with Pumpkin Muffins! These yummy fall muffins will put a smile on your face. Kids will cook using all their senses, and together they’ll bake up something special to share. This class covers all the basics for beginner chefs, but it is filled with tips and kitchen hacks for any home cook to learn some new tricks! Kids will be able to make this recipe by themselves or bring the whole family to enjoy kitchen time together. Includes up to 75 minutes of video and printables.

LEGO® and Minecraft Classes for Thanksgiving Break

Hand Sew a Friendly Fox

Learn the running stitch, whip stitch, and blanket stitch as you make this friendly fox, then fill it with fluffy stuffing!

The fun doesn’t have to stop there—once you learn these sewing and pattern construction skills, you can make your own creations at home!

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On-Demand Art Class with Young Rembrandts

Draw Cartoon Monsters by Young Rembrandts

A new hands-on method of learning art! Specifically designed for K to 6th-grade students, every lesson is designed to give you an hour break and engage your child’s mind with fun, educational and creative activities. Perfect to enjoy over school breaks, rainy days, or whenever you need a fun, flexible activity to fit your schedule.

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Best Online Thanksgiving Camps & Classes

Online Thanksgiving camps and classes are a good alternative to keep kids busy and having fun at home while you are working or finishing up your famous pumpkin pie.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite online Thanksgiving camps for kids – art, crafts, coding, and more! On ActivityHero, you can also find in-person Thanksgiving camps or on-demand activities for upcoming school breaks.

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Online Thanksgiving turkey crafts and art

Thanksgiving Art Classes & Crafts with Young Art

Join crafty art classes with a fun, Thanksgiving theme – from toilet paper roll turkeys to clay sculpting and Pusheen illustrations. Or register for a Virtual Art Camp for 3 days of live instruction and access to the Young Art on-demand art library.

My son enjoyed this class very much. The teacher was wonderful with the children and the step by step instruction was very well done and easy for my son to follow. He was very proud of his artwork and is looking forward to taking more classes with Young Art.

– Parent Review

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LEGO® and Minecraft Classes for Thanksgiving Break

LEGO®, Minecraft & Roblox Camps and Classes for Thanksgiving

KidzToPros: Create your own Minecraft adventures and games that you can share with your friends! Students think through how to make a playable activity, and learn conditionals and event triggering.

CodeRev offers drop-in classes or 1/2 day camps while school is out! Explore Roblox, Minecraft modding adventures, and more – taught by industry tested STEM and computer programming professionals.

TechKnowHow offers fun and enriching online Thanksgiving sessions featuring LEGO® Engineering, Minecraft Adventures, and Coding Classes with Scratch and Python. Kids learn to build within a Zoom small group, interacting with the teacher and each other, getting a chance to show what they build, and talk about their creations.

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Thanksgiving Cooking Classes for Kids - Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie Cooking Class for Kids

Just in time for Thanksgiving, join Chef Cindy to learn how to make a classic pumpkin pie. Kids ages 9-14 will learn how to make a light and delicious crust and a perfectly creamy filling!

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Fun with Camp Sassafras

Thanksgiving Fun Camps

Camp Sassafras: Let’s turn off Youtube, put down the video game controller, and come together to learn, connect, laugh, meet new friends, join your best friends, and enjoy our free time together! 

Gobble ‘Til You Wobble with 7EDU: From writing gratitude letters to worksheets and art, 7EDU Impact Academy offers a wide range of fun activities with a Thanksgiving theme.

Curious Minds Academy: Learn some fun facts and trivia about our favorite turkey day.  Discover how the holiday really got started and learn how many of our favorite turkey day traditions got started (including why we even eat turkey on this day to begin with).

Art, Music & Giving Thanks with Family Karate: This 3 day Camp during Thanksgiving Break is a perfect time for your Pre-K through 2nd graders to have fun and get creative about showing their gratitude for all the love and goodness in their lives. 

Interactive Chess Camp with Chess King: Study the essential elements, acquire the proper  tools and play winning chess during this 3 day Thanksgiving Camp!  Learn the basics or train deep into advanced tactical and positional play. Chess for All Levels Beginner to Advanced Grades K-6.

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Easter Ideas for Kids during COVID-19

Easter ideas for kids during COVID-19.

Many families have traditions for Easter that include fun community activities like egg hunts, visits to the Easter bunny or a special dinner out. With stay-at-home restrictions still in effect, the holiday is going to look very different this year. Here are some alternative Easter ideas for kids to still enjoy the weekend.

Easter Sunday Brunch for Kids

Start the day with a special breakfast or Easter brunch as a family. Before the happy chaos of baskets begins, serve up one of these too-cute recipes for Easter breakfast that not only will your kids love – but they can help make too. Our friends over at SheKnows have compiled a list of 15 Cute Easter Breakfast Ideas.

Alternative Easter Egg Hunts for kids

Even if the neighborhood or community Easter egg hunts are canceled, enjoy an egg hunt at your house. Fill plastic eggs with special treats or rewards. Extra screen time or picking the family movie are great alternatives to a midday sugar crash.

Easter Egg Hunt alternatives during social distancing

Or, get your neighbors to join you for a virtual Easter Egg Hunt. Paint, draw or display eggs that can seen from the sidewalk. Most importantly, spread positivity and enjoyment while practicing safe social distancing. Get the word out by posting on your community NextDoor or create a private Facebook group. Try some on-demand Easter activities, use colorful window paint or even draw eggs outside with sidewalk chalk.

Virtual Easter Meetings

After the excitement of Easter brunch and egg hunts, check in with friends and family virtually. Set up a family Zoom call or Facetime the grandparents. If your Easter tradition usually includes church, find a live stream service to watch together at home. If you had already picked out the perfect Easter outfit, don’t let it go to waste! Get dressed up and then take pictures for the scrapbook.

Easter Entertainment for Kids

To finish up your Easter during COVID-19, queue up an Easter-themed movie for your kids on Netflix, Hulu or Disney+. Some of our Easter family movie favorites include:

  • Hop
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Ice Age: The Great Egg-Scapade

Take a Break for Spring

After a fun-filled Easter weekend with crafts, treats and egg hunts you may want a few minutes for yourself. ActivityHero has live, interactive classes every day for kids of all ages. Schedule an online class with expert teachers in art, music, LEGO® building, sports, coding and more.

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Online Classes for Kids: Tips for Success

Extended school closures can be a disruption of routine for many families. Parents are seeking online classes for their children to close the gap of learning, but establishing a new schedule can be a learning curve for all.

online classes for kids

As parents, it can be difficult to keep kids engaged during school closures and breaks. In-home lessons can help children stay busy, even when it is not possible to physically be at a camp. 

free online educational videos online - Fiona the Hippo - Cincinnati Zoo
Fiona the Hippo

Facebook Live and YouTube are popular for streaming educational videos like the Cincinnati Zoo’s, “Home Safari”, when zoo staff highlights a different animal each day. Local camps and online e-learning websites are offering a wide range of online classes for kids, from virtual dance classes to online coding classes and workshops. Languages and music are also popular online courses for teaching kids at home.

The act of both entertaining and educating children – while sometimes also working from home – can be a challenge. We’ve put together a list of steps you can take to support your child for online learning.

Setting your Kids up for Success Online

  1. Establish a new routine: Keep in mind that your child is also going through a lot of adjustment, regardless of age. A schedule can keep everyone engaged and happy throughout the day. However, be flexible if your kids need a little more time for an activity. 
  2. Act as if your child is going to class: Establish a time for the class, whether the class is live or self-directed. Post a daily schedule if age-appropriate, or verbally remind your child that morning. Stay comfortable, but don’t forget to change out of those PJ’s! 
  3. Schedule for success: Younger students are often the sharpest in the morning. Start with a more challenging subject early while their brains are most receptive to learning. Each child is different though, so plan accordingly.
  4. Create a quiet, distraction free environment: To help a child focus on their online class, remove toys and electronics from the room. For example, don’t leave out art supplies if they are having an online music lesson.
  5. Consider your child’s age and personality: The younger the child, typically the shorter the attention span. When planning an online course for your child, select a length of time that will keep them engaged. If it’s not a live class, schedule movement breaks. Jumping jacks or a couple laps around the yard can help keep your child engaged.
  6. Plan unstructured play time: Just like at school, it is important to take a break. This is also a good opportunity for parents to check their email, take that work call or finish other household tasks.
  7. Step away from the screens: If you have ever stared at a computer screen for work all day, you know how tired your eyes and brains can get. Plan a craft, science experiment or other fun activity offline. 
  8. Creative Connections: During a time of social distancing, kids may feel isolated from their friends. Plan an online class that your child could attend with friends. After an online session, set up Facetime chats so they can talk about it.  

As parents, we understand a lot of families are searching for enrichment activities to supplement homeschool and virtual learning curriculum. ActivityHero is here to help! Find free virtual events and online classes for your child on ActivityHero or download our iPhone app for faster and easier searching.