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Online Classes for Mother’s Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day with online classes and workshops!

Spend time together with Mommy and Me classes or have fun creating a beautiful gift for mom!

Find more online classes on ActivityHero >>

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CD’s Art Studio Drawing Class for Mother’s Day

Join us for a fun 1 hour drawing class, perfect for a Mother’s Day gift! CD will take students step by step to achieve a simple drawing. You will learn different pencil strokes to create an awesome drawing. 
All you will need is paper (any type), pencils and an eraser!

Cards That Last A Lifetime – Make a Mother’s Day Card

In this all inclusive package participants will receive a ticket for a 1 hour event hosted by a YA instructor including step by step guidance on how to navigate the Cupixel app to create meaningful works of art. This package also includes a Cupixel Art Box that will contain the following: Device stand, 5 card covers, pencil, eraser, sharpener, 6 squares, 6 envelopes, and a 12 pack of high quality dual tip markers.

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a heartfelt activity perfect for you and mommy!

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Electivity Kids Art Class

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Looking for a special gift for mom? Join Electivity’s virtual art class to create a special piece just for her, or join the class with mom for a special experience! Pay what you want, and proceeds benefit No Kid Hungry.

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Speakitaly NYC Mother’s Day Crafts

La mamma e’ sempre la mamma .. let’s make something lovely for her and learn a beautiful “filastrocca”.

This Mother’s Day Workshop will be lots of fun for boys and girls alike to create cards and little presents for their mom, grandmas, or any other moms they have in their life. Students can use pictures of them and their moms together to make picture frames, construction paper, markers to write messages dedicated to their moms, or even other recyclable materials such as dried flowers to attach to their cards.

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Mommy and Me STEAM Activity

Special class for Mother’s Day – let’s spend some quality time together in this fun science and art activity for Mother’s Day with The Art in Science. Kids learn various science topics with hands-on activities that turn into beautiful and creative artwork.

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Mommy and Me: Bird Family

Join us for an art lesson to create a special gift for mom!

Gift the beauty of art with a special Mommy & Me masterpiece. The lesson will begin with basic shape recognition as we break the shapes down in the sketching phase. The class will then move on to coloring and learn basic shading techniques.

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Mommy & Me: Fox Family

Join Young Art to create a special gift for mom!

Gift the beauty of art with a special Mommy & Me masterpiece. The lesson will begin with basic shape recognition as we break the shapes down in the sketching phase. The class will then move on to coloring and learn basic shading techniques.

Artist Center Online Art

Join Artist Center for an art class to create a beautiful work of art for mom!

Free Draw is offered during each class where the students can choose whatever subjects they want. Learn from a professional artist whose clients include Disney & Warner Brothers.

Mixed Media Fun!

Work alongside friends and have fun with arts and crafts that you’ll want to keep forever.

Sessions are catered to children aged 5-10ish and we hold to the fact that your child will grow confident in their creative expression and in their day-to-day life all while giving back to the community! All proceeds are donated to drawchange, a nonprofit organization that provides art therapy-based programs to impoverished children around the world.

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Parenting Resources

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

Want a special way to celebrate Mother’s Day with your family? Get the kids in the kitchen to help cook these homemade brunches mom will love.

by Reesa Lewandowski

After many years of spending one too many Mother’s Days in crowded, overpriced restaurants, I realized what I loved the most was spending the day with those I loved, in the comfort of my own home. With that in mind, I’ve pulled together this quick list of make-at-home brunch ideas that any mom would love to wake up to.

These recipes are kid-friendly, so be sure to enlist the help of your little ones. Put on a pot of coffee and get cooking! Here are eight easy ideas to inspire you:

Berry Bruschetta

Slice up strawberries and cook 8-10 minutes in a pan to warm them up.  Let the natural flavors and juices release. Spread cream cheese on top of sliced french bread and top with the berries. Younger kids can help with the cream cheese spreading; older kids will enjoy strawberry slicing, too.

Granola Parfaits

Layer Vanilla Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh berries to make a delicious parfait. Top with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprig of mint. Kids of all ages can help with all the steps on this one!

Mini Quiches

Create these mini quiches by Jennifer Pallian of Foodess in about 30 minutes — right in a muffin pan. The recipe includes details about which tasks the kids can do, including egg stirring (younger kids) and cheese grating (older kids).

Breakfast Kabobs

Slice your favorite french toast or pancake recipe into bite sized pieces and skewer onto wooden sticks with berries and bananas. Serve with warm maple syrup on the side. Kids of all ages will love the skewering! Older kids can help measure ingredients and help with cooking, too.

Egg in the Hole

This protein-packed brunch favorite is so easy and delicious. For an extra-special treat, use heart-shaped cookie cutters to create the hole for the egg! Crack an egg in the center and cook until the bread is crispy and the egg is set. Kids will enjoy cutting out the hole and cracking the black pepper.

Strawberry Spinach Salad

Create a light salad with spinach, walnuts, strawberries, and a vinaigrette of salt, pepper, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. Kids can help shake the vinaigrette and toss the salad.

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes

Here’s a great way to add a touch of flare to a plate of bacon and eggs. Quarter red bliss potatoes and coat them in olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper. Roast for about 25 minutes at 350 degrees. Older kids can help cut the potatoes; younger kids can help toss the potatoes in the oil mixture.

Fresh Orange Juice

Pick up some delicious fresh oranges and have the kids get busy squeezing some juice for their mom. If your little one wants to take charge of this task, be sure to check out these OJ-making tips for preschoolers from Sugar Spice and Glitter.

Finishing Touches

Make your brunch special with fresh flowers arranged by the kiddos. Whether you opt for store-bought blooms or find wildflowers around your home, mom’s heart will be warmed when she sees what the kids have created. Here are tips to help the kids with flower arranging basics from Kids Activities Blog.

And while everything cooks, kids will also enjoy making these handmade mothers day cards from Cute DIY Projects, too.


Now that everything is ready for mom, wake her up with hugs and kisses, flowers, and tasty treats. Even if every dish doesn’t quite come out perfect, the excitement the kids will have from helping to create the meal will make this a day she’ll love!