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Yoga for Kids: 10 Tips for Flexible Fun

Yoga can be as relaxing and beneficial for our children as it is for us; and what’s better is it can be an activity you and your child do together. Perhaps you’re wondering if your child will stay still, or even be able to remain quiet enough to allow themselves to relax. The good news […]

Guest Posts Keeping Kids Active, Healthy + Engaged

Why It’s Physiologically Vital for Kids to Play Outdoors (and 5 Easy Ways to Do it)

Image © Kassandra Brown When parents call me for parent coaching services because the are having trouble with disrespect, inattention, poor behavior, poor follow-through, and poor listening, one of the most common questions I ask is “What’s your relationship to play outdoors?” The Importance of Movement Getting outside and playing builds balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, […]

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5 Tips for Getting Your Children Excited About Kids Sports

Photo by Flickr user VensPaperie These days, it can be pretty tough to get kids to do something as simple and engaging as playing kids sport. Though it seems slightly crazy, throwing a ball around or running around with friends will often take second place to video games, TV, cell phones, and the internet. Many […]