Outfitting Your Child for Summer Performing Arts Camps? Start Here

The San Francisco Bay Area is filled to the brim with artistic activities for kids of all ages. From first steps into a dance studio to summer performing arts camps for mastering a classical concerto, the truth of the matter is young people involved in the arts have special shopping needs that at times can be difficult to accommodate.

Fortunately, many businesses exist throughout the bay area to supply anything under the sun you could possibly need to make your child’s performance dreams come true. From musical instruments to dance attire, the list below will guide you toward the top 10 destinations to prepare for a summer of fun and creativity.

1. Capezio Dance Theatre Shops

(throughout Bay Area) If you are the parent of an aspiring dance star, chances are you’ve heard of Capezio, one of the biggest names in dance supply. From shoes to recital costumes, Capezio has truly cornered the market when it comes to obtaining what you need for summer dance activities.

2. Victoria’s Dance and Costume (San Jose & Santa Cruz)

If you prefer a more intimate shopping experience and a chance to support small business, check out Victoria’s Dance and Costume, located in both San Jose and Mountain View. This shop features plenty of basic dance supplies, as well as a fun costume collection that will make you want to revisit come Halloween season.

3. World of Music (Cupertino)

A small, lively shop in Cupertino, World of Music features a massive collection of sheet music, as well as various instrument rentals. They also sell percussion and wind instruments. If your child is taking music lessons of any type this summer (even harp!), chances are World of Music will be able to find you what you need.

4. The Starving Musician (Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Berkeley)

For parents on a budget, perhaps concerned their child’s rock star dreams are fleeting, the Starving Musician is the place to be. Their business is all about buying and selling used instruments, and they also tout a large supply of other music-related needs. All three locations offer private lessons if your child wishes to continue honing their craft after camp opportunities are through.

5. Fun House Theatrical (Mountain View)

A fun and affordable destination for actors, Fun House Theatrical is the South Bay’s premier location for costumes, makeup and other theatrical supplies you’ll find yourself needing for the summer, but stumped on where to get.

6. East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse (Oakland)

Whatever your child is signed up for this summer – even if it’s nothing at all! – the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse supplies both teachers and parents with art supplies and resources that will help check things off your camp list, while allowing your child to express their creativity in an environmentally friendly way.