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Smart Solutions for After School Program Communication

After school programs benefit from streamlined registration and communication from leading edge companies such as ActivityHero and Keedgo.

Activity providers and families alike are pinged from many different directions: email, text, phone, and more. While ActivityHero specializes in getting registrations and payments, innovators like Keedgo focus on the on-going communications with families attending after school programs.

To see what Keedgo can do to help your business, we spoke with one of their founders and learned about the pain points it solves.

Keedgo app for after school programs

ActivityHero: What does the Keedgo app do?
Alexei Sorokin, Co-founder of Keedgo: The app saves time and helps avoid mistakes. It streamlines roster management, attendance tracking, messaging, and document sharing. By moving all of your parent communication to one app, Keedgo eliminates the inefficiencies of emails, phone calls, flyers, voicemails and texting.

AH: What do after school programs say about Keedgo?
AS: They love how Keedgo can be used on the go — saving time, reducing mistakes, and allowing instant connections when they are most needed. Attendance tracking, scheduling, and announcements are now managed in one place, and it is so much more streamlined.

AH: Do parents like it?
AS: Parents like using Keedgo because they can now connect with their after school providers in seconds. Parents use the app not only for the attendance-related matters but to ask questions, or simply check on their child during the day.

AH: How do you get student information into Keedgo?
AS: As parents join Keedgo they provide their child’s information. Or this information can be uploaded from registration systems like ActivityHero.

Want to learn more? Contact Keedgo. Special pricing for ActivityHero customers.