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How to List Your On-Demand Activities

By popular request, On-Demand activities are now available in the ActivityHero marketplace. You can create listings for pre-recorded videos and other On-Demand content using our current dashboard. More features, including on-demand content hosting will be available in late October.

Follow these steps to be included in our current On-Demand search results:

  1. When creating a new activity, select ‘Online‘ for activity type.
  2. Under Categories enter ‘On-Demand‘ + other relevant tags.
  3. In Sessions, select ‘Series‘ as the session type
  4. Under Session Name, add “On-Demand” + additional session title
  5. Under Date & Time, you can enter extended dates, with a daily typical time range.
    1. example:

6. Under Additional Details, you can enter the URL of your video or a link to your on-demand content in the Meeting Details. This information will be emailed to participants after registration.

7. Fill out the rest of your session information, add photos and publish!

Helpful tips to understand how On-Demand Activities can work for your business

What types of content should I offer as On-Demand?

Pre-recorded videos, printable worksheets, do-it-yourself project instructions or recipes are examples of popular on-demand content. Also seasonal content related to upcoming holidays, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Why should I offer On-Demand activities?

On-demand activities are an easy way for families to discover your business because there aren’t any scheduling issues. In our parent survey, flexibility and independent learning are two of the top priorities parents seek when shopping for activities.

On-demand activities can help promote your business year-round.

How can I get more families to try out my On-Demand activities?

Use the Activity Name to draw attention. Think about adding a suggested time frame to your on-demand listing, example: “15-Minute Math Exercises.” Use keywords popular keywords in your activity name + “On-Demand“, example: “Intro to Roblox Coding (On-Demand)”

To get the most attention, consider offering some trial or preview activities for free. It could be a shorter, pre-recorded version of your class. If you want to charge a fee for on-demand activities, we generally recommend making it lower in price than your live sessions, possibly 50% less. If there are similar options available for free on places like YouTube, Facebook Live, etc, it might be hard to get families to pay even a small fee unless they can see the unique value to your content.

What’s next?

Enhancements to the ActivityHero On-Demand marketplace will be launching in the coming weeks. If you followed the steps above to list on-demand using our current activity builder, we will help migrate your listings when the new service is released.

Here is a sneak peek of what’s coming soon: