5 Keys to Healthy Living as a Family

healthy family meal

It is easy to be drawn to the simplicity that technology has provided. However, technology, in all its glory, has one unmistakable flaw – it makes it far too easy to be inactive.

It is up to us as the parents to push ourselves and our children to be more physical and practice better eating habits in order to promote healthy living. Here’s some tips on how to keep your family fit & active:

1. Snacks

Although chocolate and foods that being with the word “cream” may be viewed as a staple in your family, a far better solution is available. If you and your family have a sweet-tooth, then why not invest in alternatives such as fruits?

Pineapple, berries, strawberries, and others are good for you as they can provide vitamins and minerals that sugar snacks don’t have and are naturally sweet. A fruit cocktail is far better for your family as an after dinner desert than a slice of cheesecake.

2. Dining Habits

Preparing healthier foods for your family doesn’t take more effort than those that don’t provide the nutrients a body needs.

For instance, a grilled chicken breast smothered in sautéed onions and green peppers is a very easy dish to make and can be reminiscent of meals provided by your favorite restaurant. Instead of using lettuce in your salad, switch to raw spinach leaves for it provides more nutrition and doesn’t take away from the experience.

3. Regular Activity

Instead of gathering around the television every night, why not walk to the nearest park and get some fresh air?

Depending on the area you live in, the happenings of the city could be more entertaining to watch, anyway.

Nature has a way of permeating through you if you allow it to do so. You could find your stress levels melting away as quickly as your calories.

family bike ride

4. Family Projects

Involving the family in projects around the home can help keep everyone active.

Perhaps you have room to set up a tree house. Engage your children to help you build a go-cart. You could even go so far as to building a landscaping wonder such as a waterfall in the front yard.

Depending on how detailed the project is, it could take you a great deal of time to accomplish the task.

5. Organized Sports

Many areas will have sporting activities pitting one family against another. Nearly every bowling alley has some kind of a family league.

Getting your family together to join a league of this nature will not only help keep them active, but it could create a bonding method with your children that you may not have realized previously.

A great deal of teamwork, pride, and sportsmanship can be developed from an activity and will provide great memories for years to come for everyone.

family tennis

There is a time and place for everything. Smartphones and tablets may be a useful tool, but they promote laziness in a variety of forms. It’s easy to abuse items like these for there is no victim other than ourselves.

Processed snacks are all too easy to rip open and consume over taking the time to peel a pomegranate.

As long as we stay vigilant as parents and work at keeping a healthy lifestyle, our children will follow suit. We must lead by example and children will absorb these habits on their own.

Sara is an active nanny as well as an active freelance writer. She is a frequent contributor of NannyPro.