Girls Sports Have Unexpected Mental Health Benefits

Girls gain many things from playing sports. From self-esteem to physical fitness, there are some great reasons to get your daughter involved in a competitive girls sports team.

If you are new to the world of female athletes, then there is a lot to learn. First and foremost, be prepared for what your family is about to take on. If you have boys in the family already involved in sports, you are likely used to the commitment level involved. If not, say goodbye to free weekends and extra spending money – but also say hello to great family camaraderie and a whole slew of new friends.

For your girl, new friends are the first perk of participating in girls sports. Sports teams are a great way to build relationships with new girls, especially if you have just moved to a new town or your daughter is exceptionally shy. The bond is often fast too, thanks to the importance of learning to work together as a group to score points and win games.

With new friends being made, and knowing that others are depending on them, girls get a self-esteem boost from sports. Unfortunately, this can sometimes go in the opposite direction, but usually, it is a great way to get a timid girl to come out of her shell. Many quietly focused girls excel at sports and begin to learn to get outside of themselves a bit more.

A great benefit for the adults and siblings in your daughter’s life is the fact she will likely be less moody. The pouting and complaining stereotypical of young girls (come on, we know you’ve seen it) is likely to fade somewhat thanks to that healthy dose of endorphins pumping through her body during practice and game time. Exercise is a powerful antidepressant, and girls often feel better about not only themselves but the world around them when their bodies get moving.

Sports are just plain healthy. It is important for young women to learn how to eat properly, and also be emotionally healthy by learning to balance schoolwork and social life with being on a sports team. Girls who enjoy being busy will thrive at this, while others will need a bit more time to adjust to a crazier way of living. When everyone has found their groove again, you can rest assured that the physical and mental health of playing sports far outweighs any sacrifice. And, depending upon your daughter’s specific needs, this success can be found in either team or individual competitive sports.