The Fall Activity Guide:
Online Classes Edition

The best online classes & activities for kids in Fall 2021 - including after school, weekend, and drop-in programs.

The Official Fall Activity Guide 2021 features our most popular and trending classes on ActivityHero that can be attended from home – including academic support & tutoring, music, coding, art, LEGO®, and more! Learn more about updated programs for Fall 2021 – including curriculum, group sizes, and flexible schedules.

The New York Society of Play provides online game workshops over zoom, focusing on social and emotional development for kids ages 6-13. Come play Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, Pokemon Battles, and more! Our childcare specialists are experts at fostering growth through cooperative gameplay.

Choreography by Rae is a performing arts & creative arts educational center that has provided self-confidence boosting programming since 2015. Founded by Rae Wilson (aka Ms. Rae) in New York City, as a way to help people of all ages amplify their voice through movement. Our motto is anyone can dance, even if you have 2 left feet. This 100% female-owned, black-owned business is proud to now offer more than dance.

Founded by former Google Product Director and Stanford graduates, Create & Learn is an award winning online computer science education program for grades K-12. We offer 25+ fun topics including Scratch coding, Minecraft coding, Python, Robotics, AI, Arduino, Cloud Computing and many more. Save 25% off, ending soon!

Experience Galileo-style innovation all year long with our online after-school club for Kindergarten – 5th graders. Designed to complement school-day learning with fun, hands-on projects, Innovator’s Club delivers joyful enrichment on a convenient weekly schedule. Give your kids something new to craft, construct or invent every week. Now through September 10, save 30% off the Fall session!

VoicED offers public speaking, grammar and academic writing classes, and SAT/ACT/PSAT preparation classes. All classes are led under the instruction of the CEO and Founder, Ava – Mariya Gencheva. Mrs. Gencheva has been an educator for the past 18 years, graduating thousands of students as a director and empowering a countless number of her students to debate, speak, write, publish, win competitions and get into Ivy League schools.

The Art in Science was developed by a scientist and an artist to Instill a love of science in young kids (ages 4-12) via an innovative curriculum.  In this unique program, the kids learn various science topics (Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Engineering, and more) with hands-on activities that turn into interesting artworks pleasing to the eye and intriguing to the mind.

Join forces with international award-winning astronomer and consultant to NASA, Kevin Manning, a man on no ordinary mission. Kevin founded Look Up to the Stars with a mission to generate interest and foster scientific literacy in students nationwide through the delivery of awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining astronomy programs.

Kiddy School offers one-on-one and group online classes for K-12 kids for the following programs: Programming (Scratch, Roblox, Minecraft, Python, Mobile App Development, and more), Math, Digital and fine art, Photo and Video Editing, Computer Science, SAT Prep, and so much more. Our teachers are regularly trained by our Lead teachers who are Google and Microsoft certified specialists.

Communication Academy offers specialized enrichment courses to grade K-12 students, including: Public Speaking, Debate, Writing, Reading and Math courses. Classes offer a new curriculum every week with experienced professional instructors in a small 12:1 ratio so that students can receive individual attention.

BrainStorm provides educational programs focused on creating the next generation of innovators and thinkers by allowing kids to explore the wonders of STEM during their critical formative years from 1st Grade through High School. BrainStorm’s programs allow students imaginations to come to life as they discover mechanical and structural principles of simple machines, build robots, create code or make their own video game.

Pretty Pony Pastures offers high quality, interactive programs for Scouts and anyone who enjoys being outdoors. Ms. Linda, lead instructor at Pretty Pony Pastures, is dedicated to encouraging children to learn about nature. She is a Project Wild, Wild Turkey, and Aquatic Wild facilitator as well as a life member of Girl Scouts. Virtual Scout Badges include topics such as Junior Gardener Badge, Brownie Bugs Badge, Junior Animal Habitats, and so much more.

NR Computer Learning Center (NRCLC) provides hands-on and online afterschool/weekend computer training to kids in coding, programming languages, Robotics, Video Editing, and Website design. NRCLC also offers live online exam prep classes for AP Computer Science and  Microsoft certification exams.

Firecracker Math enrichment program offers kids Grades K – 11 a broad variety of age-appropriate yet challenging math topics and activities and enhances their natural abilities and understanding of mathematics. In our math classes, we will show your child that math can be incredibly creative, exciting, and fun. The Fall Term starts the week of September 13th. 

Pintsize Fitness & Sports was developed in order to introduce children to exercise in a positive, fun environment where they will gain the skills to build healthy habits that will last them a lifetime. Studies show that children who begin exercising at a young age have increased self-esteem, earn better grades and continue to lead healthy, active lives into adulthood! Now offering virtual Sports, Martial Arts and Fitness classes for children age 2 to age 12.

Kodeclik is an online coding and math academy for kids and teens, offering online live and video classes in Scratch, Python, JavaScript, Minecraft, Roblox TinkerCAD, and more. The company was founded in 2015 by two parents who were teaching their 5 year old to code with Scratch Jr. Kodeclik shows kids the exciting and endless possibilities there are once they learn to code.

Give them something to look forward to after school! Dragonfly Designs offers virtual Afterschool Art Camps for ages 5 to 12 that let kids unwind, unplug and use their imagination. You (and they) will be amazed at what they learn to create. With projects in Tie Dye, Cartooning, Painting, Fashion Design, Clay, Jewelry Making and more, there’s something for every interest!

At ClasShare, we believe that every kid has the potential to become an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur, a leader, or an actor! Our classes have been carefully designed to help master skills and promote confidence, with offerings such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Acting, Money and Time Management, establishing friendships, filmmaking, and more!

At Toc Toc, we believe in learning Spanish the way we learn our first language: through games, music, having fun and getting fascinated by the sound of words. Our class is the perfect opportunity to expose your baby to a second language right when the “language learning window” opens – starting at 2 years old. Accompanied by parents or caregivers, children start learning Spanish through a variety of activities such as singing simple, rhythmic songs and dance, all from the comfort of home!

Cooking Round the World is delighted to be able to offer your children engaging, fun and delicious online classes. An online class includes map education, fun facts about the country or state selected, a slide show showing cultural nuances, cooking dishes representative of the country or state, and ending with a lively rendition of a country’s folktale.

Talentnook is a platform where you can find all the help and learning resources you need to guide your child towards success. We are here to be the personal guide for every learner, providing them with resources like tutors, programs, advice, consultation – helping them every step of the way to advance in their learning journey. Talentnook has tutors for different subjects like Math, creative writing, English, Spanish, vocal and so much more.

Classes and Camps at Young Creatives School of Art are designed to teach young artists how to create and learn skills in an encouraging, fun-filled environment. We explore favorite themes that include pets, wildlife, aquatic life, drawing inspiration from nature as well as kid friendly themes such as sweet treats and exploring imagination. We offer live online after school classes and semester art classes.

Evolution Academic Speaking Excellence offers virtual public speaking classes for kids after-school and during school holiday breaks. We are an educational institution focused on working with every student on their path and journey towards mastering the art and skill of communicating effectively. Class topics include TED Talk & Debating, Entrepreneurship, Project Management, and more.

Art~Design~Creativity offers meaningful experiences and services for the community. We are unique in our industry, with programs that bring art, design, and creativity to be incorporated into real life. Virtual classes include Art & Creativity Club and Spanish Club.

Super Skills with a Real Life Twist! In today’s busy world kids need a special place where they can learn, practice, and develop the leadership skills needed for a successful life. Kid Power Academy Coaching Center provides this opportunity! Our kids build confidence in their ideas and themselves during our “learn as you lead” program. Our experience-driven method literally transforms shy kids into confident kids as they eagerly exchange ideas as: Entrepreneurs, Senators, Authors and more!

At ALOHA Mind Math, we are passionate about visual math and inspiring kids to develop confidence and agility in math.  Did you know math is rooted in our visual neural networks? This STEM program will present math in a hands-on, engaging and fun environment. Your child will learn to do math on the abacus and mental math techniques. Watch your child develop confidence and agility with numbers. This class will broaden your child’s understanding of math as they realize they can be math rock stars. Small, instructor led classes online.

InternMart cultivates high school students academically and professionally by connecting them to real-world internship experiences near them. We strive to offer quality learning opportunities for the youth of today, the future of tomorrow.

Wiz Kid Coding is one of North America’s leading Coding and STEM education companies focused exclusively on creating and delivering innovative coding and digital literacy programs for kids between the ages of 3 to 17. Our programs have won great reviews from parents, educators and, most importantly, many of the children who participate in our programs! Virtual classes include Roblox, Minecraft, Scratch, and more.

Code Wiz offers a wide range of individualized STEM programs for kids aged 7-17, each tailored to the students’ skill level. Watch your kids expand their creativity through computer science! Our approach is student-driven, project-based learning. We offer classes for Robotics, Minecraft modding, Roblox, Game design, Animations, Digital Art, Mobile app development, Java, Python, and more.

The road of American ingenuity runs through Silicon Valley, where the tech experts and thought leaders of today shape the future of the nation’s tomorrow. The camps and classes of Siliconvalley4u help aspiring engineers and seasoned tech professionals alike stay ahead of the ever-accelerating pace of technological development. Whether they’re learning to build apps in Java, Python, Mobile apps, operate 3D printers, or build robots from scratch, youngsters benefit from personalized, hands-on instruction from the center’s resident experts.

Founded in 2012, Coderise focuses on Software development training. It is our mission to teach kids age 8-12 the digital skills they require in today’s digitized world. They learn basic programming skills by creating websites and online games – including Minecraft, Roblox, and web development.

At Firefly Dance, we’re always grooving! There’s such an inherent joy in moving, one children can easily tap into. I strive to highlight that joy through imaginative games, songs, and stories while learning technique in a structured setting. Whether it’s your toddler or tween -or any age in between- we’re bound to get a little silly and make it incredibly fun to dance from your home!

With its high-end training, performance, structured, and progressive curriculum, One Voice Institute of Music and Art (OVIMA), is a global and full-scale complete performing and visual arts institute. OVIMA has three main divisions – Western Music, Indian Music and World Music, offering classes in all instruments, as well as in musicianship subjects such as music theory, sight reading, and more.

StudyPlum offers affordable online classes for K-12 with licensed teachers, small class sizes and live instruction. Classes include academic topics such as 1st Grade Reading, 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Social Studies, American History, Geometry, and more. Get a heads start on the new school year with 20% off, ending soon!

Beyond the diverse set of online programs we have to offer, what is special about Ivy Camps USA Online is that we take an interdisciplinary approach to remote instruction whereby we foster growth, encourage exploration, and sustain motivation through play and thought-provoking games. Classes include a wide range of topics, including: outer space, public speaking, backyard biology, acting, and more.

Learn to Design, Build, Code, and build Cognitive and Soft Skills! at Wize Computing Academy offers a comprehensive and scalable form of coding education that encourages creativity and builds and strengthens logical reasoning in young learners. Classes in Scratch, Python, Vex Robotics, Roblox Game Design, and more are all fun and project-based.

Pixical Piano Learning strive to remove barriers of distance, time & boredom to help children enjoy the process or learning piano. We do this by delivering a masterclass experience through our empathetic & inspiring teachers, modern pedagogy, handcrafted product experience combined with loads of fun. The Pixical Curio online program offers 1:1 instruction, studio performance class each week, exclusive access to a community to discuss all things piano, and much more!

Lady V’s Finishing School believes that manners are a very important life skill. In the Manners Matter class, children will learn manners appropriate for the 3-10 age range. This will include what etiquette/manners are, what words are used to express our good manners, making introductions, and talking on the telephone. We will learn about setting a table, thank you notes, and much more.