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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Activities

Are you searching for a fun and creative gift for a kid in your life? Our Gift Guide goes beyond gift cards and gaming systems to give you ideas on kids activities that can still be gift-wrapped!

Whether you are shopping for your child, a niece/nephew or family friend – we’ve rounded up our top gifts for 2020. Can’t decide? Gift an ActivityHero gift card for in-person camps, online classes, or on-demand activities!

Gift Guide for Kids

KidzKeys Holiday Package by FunClubs

Jump into a fun musical experience in our 6-week group piano class and receive your very own Mini-CASIO Keyboard! Students join our inspiring teachers LIVE in Online Classrooms where they learn to read music, play fun songs, and express their creativity.

Find online music classes & camps for kids>>
Find on-demand music classes>>

30 Day All Access Pass for Unlimited Young Art Lessons + Art Kit

Perfect for your kids who love to explore their creative side through a variety of art mediums. Inspiring instructor-led classes and access to video library for on-demand content at anytime. Learners will choose from a range of lessons including sketching, painting, sculpture, crafts, culinary and digital art.

Find online art classes & camps for kids>>
Find on-demand art activities>>

Sony KOOV Kit + Camp Program

The Sony KOOV™ Camp Program is designed to be used in a variety of learning environments – whether it’s an existing robotics/coding camp, international competition or at home for enrichment activities involving design. The KOOV Kits provide kids a learning tool that is out-of-the-box ready and includes curriculum for repeated and continued growth.

Find online robotics camps & classes>>
Find on-demand science activities>>

Learn to Sew Project Kit by GreenArt Labs

Bring joy and creativity to your child, as they sew their way to confidence! This beginning sewing kit is a perfect holiday gift that will engage for days to come. And paired with our step-by-step video, children will have fun making 3 different sewing projects all by themselves!

Find online sewing classes for kids>>
Find on-demand sewing projects>>

Pottery Kit + Class with Broadway Clay

The Ship & Make Kit from Broadway Clay includes air dry clay, a ceramic tile, tools, acrylic paints, and a pottery badge! The 30-minute YouTube instructional video will allow children/tweens to follow along and pause when they need more time. This video was recorded to meet the requirements for the Girl Scout Pottery Badge, but fun for all to participate! 

Find online art classes & camps for kids>>
Find on-demand art activities>>

Sound Science Kit + Camp from Science Nature Labs

Kids will learn about concept the of sound, how sound travels, use equipment to measure sound, using tuning forks, make their own musical instrument. This sound kit comes with activities the whole family can do together, make a real musical instrument and do other fun activities involved.

Find online science classes for kids>>
Find on-demand science activities>>

Chess Set + Classes from Yes For Chess

Chess brings people together. Share stories and spend time together this holiday season. Give your child the gift of chess! Sit down, play a game and plan your next move.

Find online chess classes & camps for kids >>

Holiday Gift Guide for Kids - a guitar and online lessons

Guitar Holiday Package by Fun Clubs

Turn up the volume and rock out in our 6-week group guitar class with your very own 34″ Student Size Guitar! Students join our inspiring teachers LIVE in Online Classrooms where they learn new songs, develop new skills, and express their creativity.

Find online music classes & camps for kids>>
Find on-demand music classes>>

LEGO® gift set

LEGO® Fun-gineering Kit by the ROC Network for Learning

Fungineering keeps little ones busy learning through the holidays while having fun playing with stories and worlds that they build!  With our Supply Set, children spend hours building real-world models that move –  cars, merry-go-rounds, hand mixers, fire trucks and more, all on their own, or alongside our step-by-step Online or On-Demand classes.

Find online LEGO® classes & camps for kids >>
Find on-demand LEGO® activities >>

SoccerStars at Home Soccer Ball and Class Kit

Soccer Stars @ Home

Our Soccer Stars @HOME Virtual Classes will take soccer training to the next level. Through our digital classroom, children can see their teammates and work directly with their coach. Wrap up a soccer ball or training cones with the gift of these virtual classes for the perfect gift for your next little Messi or Morgan.

Find all online sports & fitness classes for kids>>

How To Be A Sports Surgeon + Toy Kit by Little Medical School

This Little Medical School toy kit offers aspiring sports surgeons a wide variety of hands-on and educational activities. Children will learn about the bones in the hand using the hand decal and stickers, make their own skeleton with our bone stickers, learn how to care for a sprain and strain with our bandage, make a ball and socket joint and hinge joint and finish by completing Tommy John surgery on our surgery board. 

Find all on-demand activities for kids>>

Acoustical Class + Makey Makey Kit with Engineering for Kids of South Kern-Bakersfield

When your favorite song comes on the radio do you sit quietly or do you dance around and play the air drum solo? In Acoustical Engineering with Makey Makey, we will create our own interpretations of common musical instruments like bongo, piano, guitar, and create our very own dancing program. Great Christmas gift for 7yr – 11yrs old.

Find online music classes & camps for kids>>
Find on-demand music classes>>

Clay Ornament Kit + Virtual Class with Dragonfly Designs

Give the gift of creativity! Who doesn’t remember helping decorate the tree when they were growing up? Each ornament has a special meaning attached to it, especially the handmade ones. Students will learn how to make precious Clay Ornaments. Imagine their sense of pride when giving their loved ones a treasure that they made themselves.

Find online art classes & camps for kids>>
Find on-demand art activities>>

Holiday Gift Guide ActivityHero

ActivityHero Gift Card

The perfect gift for every child – from the Minecraft obsessed to the young artist or future chef! ActivityHero has all kinds of activities for kids, including in-person camps, online classes, and printable DIY activities on-demand.

  • Does your child love drawing? Include an ActivityHero gift card with art supplies to take an online art class!
  • For cooking enthusiasts, wrap up a special apron or cooking utensils with an ActivityHero gift card to pick out an online cooking or baking class!
  • Curious kids might enjoy a science kit and an ActivityHero gift card to experiment at an online STEM class!

Contests for Providers

ActivityHero Grant Contest Top 10 Leaderboard

An update on the current Leaderboard in the ActivityHero Grant Contest.

With thousands of votes and hundreds of new reviews posted over the past few weeks, ActivityHero families are helping increase the odds that their favorite camp, class and activity providers will win a share of over $15,000 in cash and prizes in the ActivityHero Grant Contest. Congratulations to the six finalists who have been randomly selected from among the eligible contestants. In addition, the last drawing will take place on August 1 to bring the total number of finalists to nine.

Businesses need at least 3 reviews to be eligible for the monthly random drawings. For ideas, check out our recent blog post, Five Ways to Get More Reviews for Your Business with the ActivityHero Grant Contest.

These providers have made it to the Top 10 Leaderboard with the most entries based on their votes and reviews:

Rank Activity Provider Votes Reviews Total Entries
1 Freedom in Motion Gym 348 111 681
2 CD’s Kids Art Studio 333 17 384
3 Kidizens 149 50 299
4 Discover Science Center 155 34 257
5 Spartan Allstars 133 22 199
6 Andrew Simpkins Innovation Foundation 138 20 198
7 Coach Ken Soccer Academy 83 37 194
8 Youth Technology Learning Center (TYLC) 99 20 159
9 San Francisco Math Circle 116 12 152
10 Launch Generation 124 7 145

(*Results for eligible providers as of
July 19, 2018. Votes provide 1 entry and reviews provide 3 entries in the monthly drawings.)

Stay tuned for more updates on the Leaderboard throughout the summer. More entries increase the chance of winning, but don’t guarantee it. Any business who meets the criteria outlined in the Official Rules and has at least 3 reviews may be selected as a finalist. Activity providers can see their vote and review count by visiting their ActivityHero dashboard.

Contests for Providers Uncategorized

Business Grants and Funding Sources for Activity Providers

If you’re a small business, take note of these 6 options–including grants, contests, and crowdfunding–to help you reach your funding goals.

By the ActivityHero Team

If the prospect of finding money to grow your small business leaves you feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, or confused, you’re not alone. According to a recent article in Small Biz Trends, 60 percent of small business owners never apply for funding to support innovation. Nearly half of the respondents didn’t apply because they believed they would be rejected or viewed the process as too complicated. One third said they weren’t aware grants were available.

Why Should I Apply?

Here’s the good news: developing a solid plan to fund improvements for your small business is smart advice, according to the report. For those businesses that did apply for funding, innovation drove financial success and improved productivity for businesses of all sizes, whether that innovation involved offering new services, improved marketing, or hiring.

To help streamline your search for alternative funding and small business grants, we’ve identified six sources of growth funding that have proven helpful for other kids’ camps and activity providers.

Small Business Grants

  1. NASE Micro-Business Grants are worth up to $4,000 each and applications are open to National Association for the Self-Employed members. Past recipients used their growth grants for computers, equipment, to hire part-time help, marketing materials, website creation and more. Past grant winners have come from a range of industries, including kid-oriented services like nutrition coaching and childcare. As a recent example, Let’s Have Fun Daycare was awarded a NASE Growth Grant in September 2017.  
  2. Amber Grants are exclusively for female business owners. Each month, one finalist receives a $1000 award. Those 12 finalists become eligible for a $10,000 Amber Grant awarded annually. In December 2017, Tiffany Rachann, owner of Imagiread, which offers family literacy classes and programs, was chosen as a finalist in the program.

Grant Contests

  1. offers a searchable, centralized database of challenge and prize competitions run by more than 102 agencies across the federal government. These wide-ranging opportunities include business grants such as the SBA InnovateHer Challenge. That competition focuses on efforts that “have a measurable impact on the lives of women and families.” Last year, one of the 10 InnovateHer finalists was Jessica Dehn of Dino Drop-In, which offers childcare for busy families who have frequently changing work schedules.
  2. has a new business grant contest exclusively for kids’ camp & activity providers that will award $15,000 in cash and prizes. The first 3 of 9 finalists will be chosen in June, and the finalists are guaranteed to win $500 in services from ActivityHero, GoDaddy, 4Imprint, and PsPrint. A Grand Prize $10,000 winner and Silver Prize $3,000 winner will be announced on August 15. The sooner you apply the more chances you have to win. Apply at


  1. Kickstarter’s mission is to bring creative projects to life. Over 60% of campaigns seeking $10,000 or less achieved their funding goal. Music, theater and dance projects are the most successful Kickstarter categories with funding success rates ranging from 50-62%. Dragon’s Haven, a summer camp that uses storytelling and role-playing to teach 21st-century skills to teens, successfully raised $5,000 with a two-month campaign they started in February of this year.
  2. is the largest social fundraising platform, and successful campaigns on the site focus on compelling stories and personal appeals. As an example, after Dover Academy’s 7th and 8th graders raised over $6,500 themselves for a special field trip to Yosemite National Park, their teacher Kacie Yarborough created a GoFundMe to help them raise the remaining $7,000.

ActivityHero is the leading online marketplace for kids’ classes, camps, and workshops. Be part of our network of providers and find out more about the range of services we provide.


Grab a Week of Camp & Win $250 in Back-to-School Gear!

Got summer camp? Still got summer, so there’s still time to get a spot in a top-rated camp and beat the doldrums of August. Better yet, ramp up for back-to-school with a shopping spree at Target!

Photo by Flickr user jennyhud
Photo by Flickr user jennyhud

Register now through July 16 to be entered into a drawing to win a $250 Target gift card.

Choose from top camps like San Francisco Zoo, Destination Science, and much more!

Act now, this deal won’t last long and summer camps are filling up quickly!


*All full-week camp registrations from 7.9.13 to 7.16.13 will be entered to win a $250 Target Gift Card. Camp dates may vary. Winner will be contacted via email on 7.19.13 to receive their gift card.

And the Winners of the Next Top Mom Bloggers Contest Are….

top mom blogs

Photo by Flickr user ex.libris

Are you ready?

Hopefully you’re see the finalists list, checked out who’s in the running, and supported your favorites.

As many readers and bloggers have told us, one of the best things about a contest like this is the opportunity to discover great new blogs to follow!

So, make sure to visit all of our favorites, even the ones that didn’t make it here to.

Now, enough stalling.

You want to know who won, right?

The Next Top Mom Bloggers

We have to actually preface this with a little announcement.

Even though we initially thought that what we were looking for:

  • crazy compelling content
  • awesome contributions to the community
  • useful ideas
  • a friendly, down-to-earth voice
  • blogs that have that something special that makes you want to bookmark the site the second you stumble across it

would be found among the super-active mom blogger set, two of our finalists (Jason Good and Life in Pint-Sized Form) were not moms at all, but rather a dad and a babysitter.

We choose them because they embody everything that we value in a parenting blog.

And so, we need to change our winners’ title a bit to be . . .

The Next Top Parenting Blogs

activityhero's favorite blogs

Okay, now I’m really going to tell you who they are.

Without further ado, please congratulate our winners!

(Again, in no particular order.)

Seven Seas of Rhye by Rhye


Why we love her:

  • what a voice!
  • she transforms simple topics into shimmering vignettes
  • has the best dialogues I’ve ever seen on a blog

Some great recent posts to check out:

Jason Good by Jason Good @JasonMGood


Why we love him:

  • he tells it like it is
  • in a hilarious way
  • and almost every post is bookmarkable

Some great recent posts to check out:

But I Do Have a Law Degree by Shannon @DoHaveLawDegree


Why we love her:

  • talks about tough issues
  • but always in a balanced way
  • and stands up for SAHMs

Some great recent posts to check out:

Let Why Lead by Erica


Why we love her:

  • she’s simply inspirational
  • with her absolutely stunning photography
  • and thoughts on how to live meaningfully

Some great recent posts to check out:

Five Kids is a Lot of Kids by Beth @Beth_Woolsey


Why we love her:

  • insightful with a touch a sass
  • connects miscellany to incredible messages
  • she makes it look easy

Some great recent posts to check out:

Contests Supermoms in the Spotlight

The Finalists of Our Next Top Mom Blogs Contest! Are You on Here?

top mom blogs
Photo by Flickr user tausen

We’ve been keeping our search for the next wave of top mom blogs highly under wraps since our initial announcement.

Check it out again if you missed it, but here’s the gist.

We’re looking to highlight bloggers with:

  • voice
  • something valuable to say
  • that certain something that makes you spend hours lost in their archives
  • sites that are new or still under the radar of the big awards

The Nominees

We asked our readers and we asked some of the mom bloggers that we admire. (lots of links)
And we got great feedback!

Naturally, not everyone can will, but we’ve narrowed the field down to ten finalists.

Tomorrow, we’ll reveal the winners!

So if you had something to add…”speak now or forever hold your peace”…I mean, we would love to hear it!

Drumroll please…..

The Finalists

In no particular order. Of course!

  1. But I Do Have a Law Degree
  2. The Naptown Organizer
  3. Let Why Lead
  4. Lil Kids Things
  5. Seven Seas of Rhye
  6. Expatria Baby
  7. Five Kids is a Lot of Kids
  8. By Any Other Name
  9. Life in Pint-Sized Form (Not exactly a mom, but a provider of excellent parenting insights.)
  10. Jason Good (Yes, he’s also not a mom. But he blogs about parenting. And he’s amazing.)

What do you think? Is there someone on here that you just love? A blogger that you know could really use and benefit from this boost?

Contests Supermoms in the Spotlight

Are You the Next Top Mom Blogger?

Mom blogger with laptop
Photo by Flickr user Luke Redmond

Mom bloggers have gone from a cultural phenomenon to a high-powered commercial force. No longer are posts just about your own baby’s first steps or favorite foods. Mom blogs are full of expert reviews of the best baby products and practical, tried and tested advice on childrearing, homemaking, and handling the demanding balance between motherhood and life.

Bloggers, like the venerable Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) or Stephanie Morgan and the ladies at Modern Parents Messy Kids, have their own books, TV shows and products. Others, like the clever marketing gurus in the Clever Girls Collective, have banded together into a powerful force for brands looking to reach out to their wide audience of moms.

The Mom Blogging Hidden Gems

But through all of the content, all of the posts, all of the words . . . it’s easy to get lost.

Everyone has their favorite sites, the ones they check into every day either because they love the bloggers voice or advice or because these sites are one-stop-shopping for everything they need to know. But some sites stand out by providing crazy compelling content or super-niche but useful ideas.

And we want to find these little-known but soon-to-be-big mom bloggers.

Do you know any?

Top Up-And-Coming Mom Bloggers of 2013

Hip mom with kids
Photo by Flickr user ~PhotograTree~

Here at ActivityHero, we not only want to make busy mom’s lives easier by keeping children engaged in enriching activities, but we also like to recognize moms for all of their hard work.

So we are on the hunt for the top new mom bloggers to recognize them for their awesome contribution to the community.

If you know someone (or are someone) who fits the bill, let us know!

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for blogs that have that something special that makes you want to bookmark the site the second you stumble across it. Maybe they haven’t been around that long, maybe they’ve recent revamped, or maybe they’ve come back from the baby number two (or more!) hiatus. Bloggers who have not yet received an award.

You tell us! Who are your favorites?

Do you have a blog (your own or otherwise) to nominate for our contest? Let us know in the comments!

Contests Events Sports Super Activities for Super Kids

ProCamps Giveaway Winner Review

Last month we ran a contest to win a father and son weekend camp sponsored by ProCamps with NBA star Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors and his father, former NBA star Dell Curry. The weekend-long camp held in San Francisco gave attendees the chance to meet the stars and learn first-hand some basketball drills and how to work together as a team. Our winners, Dinesh Chandrasekhar and son Rishi, kindly offered their testimony about their experience with the camp.

What did you learn about your dad/son that you might not have known before?

Rishi: I never knew that he shoots so bad.
Dinesh: I didn’t know that he had energy to play basketball and workout for 4 hours straight!
If you were in the NBA, would you want your dad/son on your team?
Rishi: Probably because he is good at passing the ball.
Dinesh: Absolutely. He has the finest moves in the game. (Proud dad!)
What did Dell & Stephen teach you that you didn’t already know?
Rishi: They taught me to dribble around my body.
Dinesh: That I could actually be a good coach for him even though I don’t really play the game well.
If you could choose one word to describe your dad/son what would it be?
Rishi: Quick. He gets the ball around real quick.
Dinesh: Nimble. He is extremely fast and agile on the court.
How often do you play basketball together?
Rishi: Almost every day.
Dinesh: Wish it was every day but I try.
How did this camp change your view of the game?
Rishi: I like the game even more.
Dinesh: I can see how it can make my son more confident and strong.
How has this camp changed your relationship?
Rishi: Made it more fun.
Dinesh: I have more respect for him at the game after seeing what he could do in a totally new team. Our team was being thrashed by the other team for an entire ten minutes. At the start of the third quarter, Rishi goes in to play and his game uplifted our entire team. He scored two crucial points for us. Even though we lost as a team, I was still proud of him for playing his heart out there.
Thank you to Dinesh & Rishi for sharing their experience, and a HUGE thank you to ProCamps for sponsoring this incredible giveaway!
After-School Activities Contests Events Parenting Resources Sports

Be the Best–Learn from the Best!

Hey Dad, do you get so pumped for sports games that you can’t help but get your family excited too? Does your idea of a family outing include matching jerseys and hot dogs? We’ve got a treat for you!

We are giving away a weekend camp with NBA father and son stars Dell and Stephen Curry! The chosen father and their son or daughter will join star guard, Stephen Curry and his father, former shooting guard Dell Curry, for basketball instruction and fun at the Dell and Stephen Curry Basketball ProCamp in San Francisco, CA. Enter to win here!

image from

But that’s not all–we have a second giveaway for you too! Kids can enter to win a camp with All-Star Forward and Olympic Gold Medalist Kevin Love for basketball instruction and fun at the Kevin Love Basketball ProCamp in Eden Prairie, Minnesota! Enter to win here!

image from

Thanks to ProCamps for providing this awesome opportunity for ActivityHero users! Entries must be received by September 19, 2012. More details and entry form here!


After-school activities: Win 1 month of free classes

The kids are headed back to school which means time to settle back into a routine. You may be looking at options to figure out what activities your child might be passionate about this year. Is your child a Michael Jordan or a Mozart or a Madam Curie? Would karate be the best thing for her and where do you find these classes?

That’s where we come in! Enter ActivityHero, a website that makes it easy for you to find kids’ classes and camps near you that fit your specific schedule and budget.

But wait, there’s more! We want to help relieve the stress on your wallet this back to school season by giving out a free month of classes on us! (up to $100 value). How? Simply sign up here to enter the sweepstakes.

Want even more chances to win? Just share with your friends using the form below and you’ll get an additional entry for each step you complete (you must be signed up using the contest link first).

  • Tweet about this contest (@mention us) – 1 additional entry,
  • Write a review on ActivityHero about a class near your zipcode – 3 additional entries
  • Email your neighborhood mom mailing list, or school mailing list about ActivityHero and the contest, and forward the email to [email protected] – 5 additional entries
But first, sign up for the contest.


Good luck!



Summer Shenanigans Contest

Calling All Activity Adventurers! Are you the mom of a boisterous boy or a day dreaming little diva? We have a meme contest for you!

Send us Facebook-worthy snapshots of your kids caught in the act of summer shenanigans and your photo could be  inducted into the Activity Hero Hall of Miniheros. The Grand Prize is a $50 Amazon gift card! If your clan laughs in the face of humdrum swimming days and burned s’mores, then flaunt your creativity and show us how you fill your summer.

Submit a photo that fits one of three different categories, through the point of view of your child(ren):
*What I think I do
*What I really do
*What I want to do

Impress us with photos that show us how much you like summer – because the photo with the most Facebook “likes” wins!

How to Enter:
Email your picture to us at [email protected] as soon as the fun has begun! Label the  picture either “What I think I do,” “What I really do,” and “What I want to do.” The voting period ends Tuesday, April 17th 11:59 PST. The longer your photos are online, the longer people have to like them.

How to Win:
We will upload your photos into our Summer Shenanigans Facebook album and the voting will begin.People you like, people we like and people other people like can all log onto facebook to vote for the best photos by “liking” them. The meme with the most “likes” wins!
Grand Prize:
50 dollar amazon gift card
3 other prizes for the best photo in each category will also be awarded. 

Anyone who enters the contest will get a free summer cookbook.
Winners’ picture will go in our Activity Hero Hall of Miniheros.

Summer Shenanigans Official Contest Rules and Conditions:

1. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. OPEN to all Activity Hero facebook fans at least 18 years of age. Employees (and their immediate family members and those living in the same household) of Activity Hero, its subsidiaries, and consultants, contractors, legal, advertising, public relations and promotional, fulfillment and marketing agencies, and website providers/web masters and the immediate family members of each are not eligible. Void where prohibited or restricted by law, regulation, or ordinance. Subject to all local laws, regulations, and ordinances.
2. ENTRY: To enter, Email your  picture to complete the “meme” to us at [email protected] Your picture must be labeled either “what I think I do,” “what I really do,” or “what I want to do.”
The voting period ends Monday, April 15th 11:59 PST.
3. THE NITTY-GRITTY: We will input your picture into our template and upload your “meme” to our “Summer Shenanigans” album on Facebook.
You, your friends, your family, our friends, our family will vote for the best “meme” by “liking” the photos.
By entering into the contest, you are stating that the pictures you enter are your own and not copyrighted by anyone else.
We are not responsible if any participants don’t play by the rules.
Winners will be chosen based on the number of “likes” each picture has by April 17th at 11:59 PST and announced within twenty-four (24) hours of the close of the voting period.
The more the Facebook community likes your content- signified by “likes”- the better your chances are to win.

Winners will be chosen based on the number of “likes” each picture has by April 15th at 11:59 PST and announced within twenty-four (24) hours of the close of the voting period.

The more the Facebook community likes your content- signified by “likes”- the better your chances are to win

The winner will be notified via the participant’s email and announced on Facebook, Twitter, and our blog.
6. PROMOTIONAL:  Where permitted by law, winner grants to Activity Hero, its subsidiaries, affiliates and those acting pursuant to its authority, the right to use the winner’s winning entries, name, entries, likeness and biographical information for advertising and promotional purposes without additional consideration.