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10 Coolest International Overnight Camps

Summer is on its way and for most kids, that means no school and a lot of free time. However, a lot of knowledge can be lost during the summer and it’s not always possible for kids to interact with their peers on a regular basis. How do you combat summer boredom and knowledge loss? […]

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Is Sleepaway Camp Right for My Kid?

Considering exploring overnight camps for your children this summer? Two directors share tips to prepare kids for the positive experience of a lifetime.

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10 Media Choices for Kids Going to Sleepaway Camp

These books, movies, and TV shows offer a glimpse into the magical world of overnight camps — and can help ease kids’ minds before packing their bags.

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10 Truly Unique Sleepaway Camps for Kids

Check out these far-flung camps that offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences for kids. Dolphins, roller coasters, chefs, circus performers, zombies and more!

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Is Summer Camp Really Like the Movies?

Sending your children to sleep away camp is an amazing way to ensure their summer is one of personal growth, enduring friendships and exciting new experiences. But this decision can be understandably scary for parents whose only camp knowledge comes from the movies. Unfortunately, camp novices often have hazy visions of camp life as riddled […]

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Preparing Kids for Summer Camp: Why Communication is Key

Summer camp is a great experience for kids. The memories they make at camp will be treasured for a lifetime. One question that we hear from parents often is, “How do I prepare my child for summer camp?” Day camps, and especially overnight camps, can be a tough transition for some kids. We’ve put together […]

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Academic Camp: A Summer “Must” for Curious Kids

Summer academic camps can unite kids with like-minded friends, prevent summer “brain drain,” and help them explore hobbies, interests, and future careers!