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Camp Cancellation Policies

Many camps have updated their cancellation and refund policies due to the coronavirus pandemic. See what others are doing so you can decide what’s best for your camp.

By ActivityHero Staff

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Ever since March 2020 when the coronavirus started to impact air travel, cruises, and in-person school, families started to take a close look at their camp cancellation options. And some may have read the cancellation policy for the first time. But this year, we expect families to take a close look at cancellation policies and it may affect how early they are willing to register for summer camp.

Camp cancellation policies have varying degrees of flexibility, and most cancellation policies, at minimum, take into account the time and effort required to process a refund and any registration fees.

Here are some examples of cancellation policies, starting with the most flexible. (Note: these policies may have been updated for 2021 season and are subject to change.)

Steve and Kate’s Camp

We will automatically refund all unused Day Passes in full, at summer’s end. Pandemic times or not, you can purchase any number of Passes without worrying you’ll lose what you don’t use.

Camp Galileo

Transfer to a different camp week or location for no charge, any time until 3pm seven days before the start of your camp session, pending availability

If you need to cancel:
  • If you cancel prior to May 1, 2021, you will receive a full refund of your payment to the original payment method, less a $25 processing fee for each session canceled
  • If you cancel between May 1, 2021 and up to seven (7) business days prior to your camp start date, you will receive a 100% credit for each session purchased, less a $25 processing fee for each session canceled, usable for any Galileo offering through August 31, 2023
  • No credit or refunds will be provided if you cancel within seven (7) business days of your camp start date
If Galileo needs to cancel:
  • If Galileo cancels due to state, county or school health orders or mandate, you will receive a 90% refund to the original payment method and a 10% credit that can be used through August 31, 2023
  • If Galileo cancels for any other reason, you can choose a 100% refund to the original payment method or a 100% credit that can be used through August 31, 2023
  • If Galileo cancels in the middle of a weekly session due to state, county or school health orders or mandates, you will receive a prorated credit based on the number of days canceled in that week that can be used through August 31, 2023

(Editor’s Note: Camp Galileo has also added a deposit option in 2021. Families can pay 25% upfront and the balance on May 1. This policy is much more flexible than Camp Galileo’s 2020 policy, which provided credit toward a future camp and no cash refunds.)

Challenger Sports Soccer Camp

Cancellations initiated by the customer due to any reason at least ten days prior to a weeklong day camp will entitle you to a full refund (minus a $40 per participant cancellation fee). No refunds will be given for cancellations within ten days of camp unless the participant has an injury, illness and can provide a note from their medical provider, as well as providing a signed statement from the parent or legal guardian confirming that this note is genuine and based upon the opinion of a medical professional. (If you are able to satisfy these 2 requirements then a full refund will be issued).

Any cancellations of one of our week long day camps initiated by Challenger Sports / Local government restrictions due to COVID-19 will result in a full refund. Challenger Sports will work to offer an alternative location within 20 minutes drive if the cancellation is based upon government or the host organization’s own restrictions. In the event that they do that, then the customer can still choose not to attend and claim their refund, but it will now be subject to a $40 refund fee.

In the case of anyone who signs up for a program that is NOT* a weeklong soccer camp, then no refund will be given unless the participant falls into one of the 2 situations:

  1. In the event that someone can provide a note from their medical provider, as well as providing a signed statement from the parent or legal guardian confirming that this note is genuine and based upon the opinion of a medical professional we will prorate the remaining sessions left at the time of cancellation. This proration will be done by taking the cost of the program, minus any merchandise costs, divided by the number of sessions.
  2. The same policy as #1 above will be adhered to if Challenger Sports decides to cancel the program. This would include a decision to cancel being taken due to local government restrictions that have been enforced due to COVID-19.

*This would also include any virtual or on demand program or offering. Special consideration may be given in those circumstances due to technical difficulties outside of the customer’s control, but each case will be considered on its own merits.

We will make every effort to make up time lost to bad weather, wildfires or other acts of God on all of our programs.


All EDMO purchase fees, for either in-person or online programs, are non refundable.* However, if you decide to cancel your child’s participation in any EDMO Class, Camp or Coaching/Tutoring session, any time up to 24 hours before the start of that program, you will receive 100% credit to use on any EDMO program.

Should EDMO find it necessary to cancel any of our programs in order to protect the health and safety of our coaches, staff or participants, or due to any other circumstances, this same policy will apply.

*If you have registered for one of our TBD summer on-site Camp EDMO locations and we are unable to secure a location within that outlined area, a refund exception will be made.


As you can see, camp cancellation policies have gotten much longer and more complicated. But addressing different scenarios upfront should result in fewer issues down the line. It is also important to have a date/time stamped version of the cancellation policy in your records in case there are chargebacks. ActivityHero’s registration detail stores the cancellation policy and waivers word-for-word as of the registration date and has been effective to challenge a chargeback on the payment.

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