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“I couldn’t do it, I would get too bored.” “What do you do with all that free time?” “I would miss my job too much, I like having a separate life.” These are just a few of the comments I’ve received in response to my decision to stay home and raise my son. I never […]

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The Anti-Athlete: 5 Activities for Kids Who Aren’t Into Sports

You may have had dreams of your son being a football star or your daughter competing in the Olympics, and now that your child is in elementary school it’s clear that goal is not likely to be achieved. While our culture does place a distinct level of importance on being athletic and exceptional at sports, […]

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7 Ways to Save Money on Family Activities

No matter what the season, every parent knows it’s essential to get kids out and about in order to keep your sanity. Stir-crazy little ones can quickly lead to a crazy mom, which means there should always be activity options that are affordable, local and simple enough to navigate through. Unfortunately, many children’s activities are […]

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Heat Wave! 10 Indoor Activities for Kids (that aren’t TV)

Try some of these activities that will give your kids’ bodies and minds a workout, when it’s too hot to be outdoors.

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Top 10 Qualities of a Good Coach for Kids

When it comes to kids’ activities, summer camps or anything else that is part of the life of your child, a good coach or teacher can quickly make or break an experience. From that first soccer coach to a high school music instructor, it’s essential you find someone who truly connects with your son or […]