A Bejeweled Birthday Experience

bejeweled birthday party

Sometimes the idea of hosting the perfect soiree can put any mom into a tailspin.  In the era of Pinterest and the perfectly crafted birthday party, it’s a daunting task to try and create a memorable day without wanting to pull all your hair out.  So, how about this year you throw your unique girl a fashion friendly jewelry themed birthday party and let her imagination soar!

Self-expression is a crucial part of every young girl’s development. She is on a constant search for ways to not only express who she is, but to feel confident about that expression. Her birthday is the perfect opportunity to provide a way for your young lady coming into her own to really explore the depths of her creativity, vision and style.

dragonfly2Treat your young lady to a day of creativity, style and fashion on her special day with a few of her closest friends creating pieces of jewelry that they can be proud to wear!  You can let girls choose from different jewelry styles such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, hair pieces and more!  A wide variety of beads will allow the girls to have endless fun creating custom designed pieces of jewelry to suit their own styles and color palettes.  Also, with the recent surge in loom bracelet popularity, guests can also explore the limits of the rainbow and their imagination with their own loom and a wide variety of band colors.  Whether they want to work with wire and glass beads or create a piece with a loom and colorful bands, the creative options are limitless!  There are few things more exciting than creating a beautiful pair of earrings or a stunning necklace and being able to wear it proudly knowing it was crafted with your own vision and skill.

dragonfly3Dragonfly Designs can help you throw a jewelry birthday party with a staff of creative and skilled instructors in the SF Bay Area, or you can order supplies online. With the skills they will learn in this experience, they will be able to create new, professional looking pieces for years to come!  Watch the confidence of your young lady flourish with each new project she takes on, displaying her originality and true style.


Dragonfly Designs also has a line of handmade jewelry pieces you can browse online or at the birthday party.    Everyone can walk away with something beautiful, colorful, and made with love! If a party isn’t enough time for your daughter to make her creations, find a jewelry making class or camp.