12 Apps, Shows, and Books to Inspire Creativity Over School Breaks

Do your kids have extra time over school holidays? Get inspired and find new ideas for hands-on, creative projects from these apps and shows.

By the Kids’ Media Experts at SmartFeed

What do the following items all have in common? Trampoline, Popsicle, Ear Muffs, Calculator

They were all invented by kids! Creativity, curiosity and a unique perspective are keys to coming up with a new idea. The inventor of the trampoline was at a circus in the 1930’s and saw the trapeze artists falling into a large net. He was a gymnast, and realized that the net could help with his training, so he worked with his coach and together they invented what is now known as the trampoline.

Here are a few ideas to help inspire your budding inventors, engineers, and artists during the upcoming school breaks and Columbus Day holiday. While we don’t expect every kid to become an inventor or artist, we can promise that they will be inspired and entertained. To get you started, below are 12 hand-picked apps, shows, and books that will engage your little creator.

Apps to get Kid’s Creativity Flowing

Wizard School

Ages 7+

This creative tool is chock full of fun interactive challenges. Start with an informational video or two, then move straight into an art project, learning amazing animal facts, or venture outside to take a photo of the sky for your Weather project. With topics as varied as Design, Animals, Imagination and Space, everyone will find an interesting project to keep them busy!

MOMA Art Lab

Ages 7+

This well-rounded app guides the user first to viewing art from MOMA’s expansive collection, then to simple tools to create their very own masterpiece. Group projects are possible as well as adapting some of the app activities to hand-on art projects.

Drawing Pad

Ages 4+

Creativity is number one in this art app. If you can imagine it, you can create it with every digital tool you need. Draw, paint, create!

Wreck This App

Ages 8+

Making a mess and using your creativity in new ways is the focus of this app, based on the book Wreck This Journal. Scribble, draw outside the lines, whatever you like.

How to Make Origami

Ages 9+

It seems as simple as making a paper airplane, but the 80+ origami patterns in this app use reasoning skills, spatial thinking and fine motor skills, all while creating something beautiful with your own hands.

Big Nate: Comics by U!

Ages 8+
Imagine yourself creating your own comic strip…this app helps make that a reality. There are multiple settings, so you can decide how much you want to do on your on. Especially fun for fans of the Big Nate series of books.


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TV, Videos, and Movies that showcase creativity

Goldieblox – Hack Along with Goldie Blox and Scrappy Robots with Simone Giertz

Ages 7+  Fans of Goldieblox will love their latest venture, two new weekly STEM-based shows on their YouTube channel—“Hack Along with Goldie Blox” and “Scrappy Robots with Simone Giertz.” Both shows feature DIY engineering projects that combine crafting and invention.

Underwater Dreams

Ages 10+

Future engineers or robotics fans will love this underdog story of a group of high schoolers from LA taking on a powerhouse college team from MIT in a robotics competition. Great teamwork and perseverance are on full display here.

Dream Big: Engineering Our World

Ages 7+

What drives creative people? This movie seeks to explore those reasons along with strong examples of innovation, creativity and how engineering can change lives.


All-American Makers

Ages 10+

This STEM-based reality show follows the path that inventions take. Seeing the progression from from idea to product is a great lesson for want-to-be inventors.



Ages 5+

Centered around a girl-genius scientist, her androids and school friends, this excellent tv series pairs STEM education with real-life examples of scientific exploration and discovery along with a healthy dose of friendship and creativity.


Book that Encourages Creativity

ScrapKins: Junk Re-Thunk

Ages 7+

Using recyclable material around the house, the Scrapkin characters make a variety of fun projects that readers can copy, and expand upon. This book not only sparks creativity, but also encourages responsible recycling.


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