11 Movies, Books, Shows & Apps for Kids Who Code

If your kids are interested in computer programming, here’s a list of books, movies, apps, and TV shows they might enjoy.

By the Kids’ Media Experts at SmartFeed

Would your child rather build their own game than play the ones they already have? Computer programming has become increasingly popular among today’s youngest generations. Even a kindergartner can start to learn how to code! Here are a variety of apps that not only explain what coding is, but they make it easy and fun to learn simple coding steps. More advanced concepts are also just a click away. Want your kids to step away from the nuts-and-bolts (or zeroes and ones) of coding for a while? Here are a few books, TV shows and movies that will engage your junior programmer!

Books for Kids Who Love Coding and Programming

Coding GamesCoding Games in Scratch
Ages 8+
If your child has ever wanted to learn to code and create their own game, this is a great resource. It’s filled with essential coding terminology and step-by-step instructions to code a variety of simple games. It also finishes up with extra projects for more advanced users.

Secret CodersSecret Coders
Ages 8+
This graphic novel, the first in a series, introduces the basics of coding and logic, combined with a mystery that takes place in a school. Solving puzzles and cracking school secrets are part of the fun.

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Apps for Kids Who Love Coding and Programming

LightbotLightbot Jr.
Ages 4+
Moving the robot through a puzzle using four different commands is the goal of this app. The colorful interface is appealing to younger kids, who will gain an understanding of basic programming logic as they play.

KodableKodable Pro
Ages 5+
This app is just right for slowly easing younger kids into programming concepts. It is easy to learn, with lots of fun visual effects.

Ages 6+
Developed for kindergarteners by a team at MIT, this app is a great introduction to visual programming. Adult help will be needed at first for explaining the instructions. After that, creating an animated story or game will be within reach.

GoldibloxGoldieblox: Adventures in Coding – The Rocket Cupcake Co.
Ages 7+
This visual coding game, aimed especially at girls, uses an adventure story to drive the coding process. There are also puzzles and videos to further the learning and creativity that really enhance the app.

SwiftSwift Playgrounds
Ages 10+
This new iPad-only app is a great introduction to coding in the Swift language. As kids work through the exercises and challenges, they can even learn enough to build their own app!

Ages 10+
This programming app is designed to be a bit more challenging. It encourages logical thinking by awarding more points for the most direct solution to each puzzle. There are several levels, and unlimited tries to solve a puzzle.

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A Movie for Kids Who Love Coding and Programming

Ages 10+
An international technology competition for teen girls is the focus of this documentary. The challenge: identifying a social problem, developing a business plan, and then coding an app to help solve that problem. Girls work hard to compete, better themselves, and in turn, improve the world they live in.

TV Shows for Kids Who Love Coding and Programming

Ages 5+
Anne, a tween science genius whose specialties are robotics and programming, is the heart of this excellent show. In each episode, she and her friends wonder, test, and yes, make mistakes, while exploring new discoveries surrounding a particular scientific concept.

Project Mc2Project Mc2
Ages 7+
This Netflix series imagines four teen girls as secret agents, each equipped with special science knowledge, including chemistry and programming. They use their intelligence, gadgets, and teamwork to problem-solve and change the world for the better.