3 Surprising Pinterest-Inspired Summer Crafts for Kids

With about twelve weeks of summer vacation quickly approaching, moms are looking for fun ideas for summer crafts for kids to keep their children entertained. Here are a few fun ideas inspired by Pinterest to kick-start your summer kids art projects

Upcycled Art

Pinterest is teeming with projects for summer crafts for kids created from products you have around the house – or might even be ready to throw out. Instead of tossing your empty toilet paper tubes, collect them for this adorable toilet paper tube snake project.  Are broken, nubby crayons driving you crazy? Don’t toss them – instead, melt them down to make multi-colored recycled crayons using this easy tutorial or have your children glue them to canvas and use a hair dryer to melt them for unique crayon art.

Paper grocery or lunch bags can be turned into adorable paper bag puppets, with bonus puppet show playtime for your imaginative youngsters. Every home has dozens of mismatched buttons cluttering junk drawers that are just begging to be turned into beautiful button art. One man’s trash really is another man’s treasure on Pinterest!

Handprint Art Ideas

What mama doesn’t love adorable kid handprint art? If you’re stuck for unique kids handprint art ideas, Pinterest has you covered.  Do your kids love creepy crawlies? Check out the Very Hungry Caterpillar handprint idea. Are they into our aquatic friends under the sea? This fish aquarium handprint idea is the perfect project.  For beautiful “flowers that will never wilt, check out the handprint flower bouquet.

A larger scale kids handprint idea is the handprint calendar. This tutorial gives you ideas for a new themed handprint every month. When you’re done, glue the handprints into a calendar.

Make it yourself Fun

DIY-ers and penny-pinchers rejoice: Pinterest the hottest go-to source for “make-your-own” toys, soap, art supplies and more!

A quick search of Pinterest and you can find recipes for tons of kid-friendly art supplies and toys. Play dough fanatics can sculpt to their heart’s content with homemade, non-toxic modeling clay in every color of the rainbow. Oooy gooey, do-it-yourself flubber is also a great way to keep active minds busy during playtime. Pinterest can even help make bath time colorful with this washable, non-staining homemade bath paint.

Pinterest has scads of ideas for making unique art projects with your kids in ways you might not have thought of on your own.  Add food coloring to bubbles and let them pop on paper for a cool, colorful piece of art, or use glue, salt and watercolor to create gorgeous “starburst” designs.

What are your favorite Pinterest inspired kids activities?

Amanda Austin

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