Organizing Hacks: Pack Smart for After School Activities

Back to school means an influx of after-school activities and lots of stuff. Here are a few ideas to keep your family organized.

By Jillian Chamberlain

Where are my shin guards? Did you sign that permission slip? I can’t find my sheet music!  When you’re trying to get kids out the door and to their after school activity, time is probably at a premium. Taking a few minutes now to modify your organization process can help streamline things when you’re in a rush. Here are a few of our favorite ideas from parents and caregivers who’ve been there, organized that.

“Stuff Station” — The Once Place to Keep Everything



Back to school isn’t just about permission slips and homework. When school is back in session, so are all of those music lessons, soccer practices and martial art classes. As parents of active children, you are guaranteed to be dealing with more STUFF. How do you keep it all straight and teach your children to be responsible for their things on any given day? Keep it all in one place, and color code it! Your kids’ activity station can come in many different shapes and forms, but here is one ‘stuff station’ idea we thought was appealing to the eye and high functional. Check out this and more organization hacks from


There’s a Bag for That



Once you create a ‘stuff station’ for homework, permission slips and projects be sure to add a hook for an after-school activity drawstring bag. If you have a child with a lot of various interests, consider making an individual drawstring bag that is designated as the one place to keep any and all equipment for each sport or lesson. On Mondays and Wednesdays your child knows to grab the yellow drawstring bag with their shin guards and cleats for soccer. On Thursday the red bag is ready at the door for martial arts. has a simple DIY tutorial for customizable drawstring bags.


Car Homework Station

homework-station-1Homework happens. If there’s one thing to dread with the start of the new school year, it’s the renewed battle over nightly homework assignments. Convincing kids to sit down and do their work is one of the hardest parts of a parents job. One sure way to get them excited about homework is a comfortable and creative space dedicated to them…even if that is in the car. Consider creating a homework station in the car so that your little ones can knock out some homework while you’re on the run.

After School Snacks on the Go


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Kids start school relatively early in the morning each day. That means there is a big gap between lunch time and after-school snack time. Instead of racing for a quick fix on the go, has gathered some easy to assemble snacks to keep in the car. After-school snacks can be healthy, fun and mobile!

Organize Your After School Schedule, Too!

Searching ActivityHero on a phoneActivityHero can help you find the activities that work with your child’s calendar — and nurture his or her interests!

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  1. Alex
    September 24, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    I totally love that afterschool bag tip. We use ones that my husband gets for free whenever he does a 5k race! I’m going to look into those snack ideas next…