2 Unique Same Day Holiday Activities to Make With Your Kids

Looking for some fun holiday activities this winter break? Here are two unique and simple holiday activities you can make with your kids today — that won’t take all day.

Reindeer Cookies

  • 1 Package of refrigerated sugar cookies
  • 1 Bag of chocolate chips
  • 1 Jar of cinnamon sprinkles (or anything red and small)
  • 1 Bag of small pretzels

Pick up a package of refrigerated sugar cookie dough from the store (or make your own recipe). Divide the cookie dough into one inch balls and shape into a peanut shape with the head portion slightly larger. Don’t smash these shapes down too much or the cookies won’t rise! Add chocolate chips for the eyes, bite off the ends of pretzels so the center can be used for the antlers and add a cinnamon chip for each of the noses. Wrap up in plastic bags with some ribbon and voila, you’ve got the cutest holiday cookies ever!

Reindeer Christmas Sugar Cookie

Pine Cone Ornaments

  • 6 Pine cones from your yard
  • 1 Silver acrylic paint from your local craft store
  • 1 paint brush
  • 1 ½ inch wide silver ribbon
  • 1 rounded silver string

Clean your pine cones of debris and lightly wash off dirt. Leave out to dry for an hour (make sure they’re totally dry). Use your paint brush and add silver paint to the tips of the pine cone. Do this sparingly for a more organic effect. Let dry. Tie silver string around the end of the pine cone. Create a bow with your ribbon and glue in front of the string. Let dry. Hang on your tree and enjoy for years to come!

Gold Tipped Pinecon Ornament

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